Dec 06, 2022 | OPEN 09:00 am - 10:00 pm


A community landmark since 1997, the Roundhouse is Vancouver’s only arts and recreation centre. From a wide range of programs for all ages and abilities, to a rewarding Volunteer Program and unmatched facilities and exhibition space, we invite you to experience our Mission to celebrate diversity of people, values, ideas and activities.

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Warming Shelters Open

An extreme weather warning means emergency warming shelters are open for those in need. 


Four people bundled in heavy parkas walk through driving snow on a city street.

Warming Shelters in Vancouver

After a late fall, winter has arrived with a flurry, and with that, the temperatures have dropped enough to open the warming shelters in Vancouver. An Extreme Weather Alert was

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Illustration in three panels. The left panel shows and arrow pointing down and a human figure dropped to the floor by a table with the word DROP! underneath. The middle panel shows and arrow pointing under the table and a human figure under it covering their head with their hands with the word COVER! underneath. The right panel shows a human figure under a table holding onto a table leg with the words HOLD ON! underneath.

The Great Shake Out!

If you’ve lived in BC for even a short while, someone will inform you that the province is overdue for The Big One at any time. Every year, thousands of

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