Celebrating diversity of people, values, ideas and activities.

The Vision & Mandate of the Roundhouse is twofold: to be a centre for community cultural development and a community source for recreational activities for all ages.

We thrive on exploring issues, on taking risks, on being cutting edge. We strive to bring people together in new ways to explore what is important to them. By stretching our boundaries and challenging our perceptions, we endeavour to build community and in our own way to make the world a better place. We invite you to join us.


Our Mission is to celebrate diversity of people, values, ideas and activities based on three key, foundational elements:

All of us who work or play or socialize at the Roundhouse will be active participants in an evolving project to find new and creative ways to integrate the arts, community culture and sports.

The Roundhouse is located in the centre of one of the largest urban experiments in history, transforming a few hundred acres of mostly vacant lots into one of North America’s densest and most diverse urban sites. The Roundhouse will be an oasis in the centre of this dynamic mix, enabling people to use their creativity and energy (at whatever level) to rejuvenate themselves and to be better equipped to face a blizzard of challenges and opportunities around them.

The Roundhouse exists to identify and serve the needs of widely divergent communities. To do this the Roundhouse must reach out to the places and situations where those communities feel comfortable. These relationships will grow into Roundhouse programs through sponsorships, partnerships, and our own productions.