Telling it like it was. Showing it like it is.

The Vancouver Roundhouse Story Project is a commitment to community cultural development through capturing living memory. The goal was to create a series of digital vignettes documenting different moments in time, and some of the colourful characters involved in the history of our wonderful heritage building up to the present day.

These are personal stories that illuminate the historical significance of the building in the development of Vancouver, from its industrial railroading roots in the 19th century to the transformation into a Yaletown anchor in the 21st century as a unique community centre with a city-wide community arts and recreation focus. Lisa g Nielsen is the filmmaker/producer of all four films.

This project was launched in 2009 by the Roundhouse Advisory Council and has been made possible with financial support from the Roundhouse Society Board, the City of Vancouver, Concord Pacific, the Yaletown BIA and private donors. It is a work in progress.