Climate Change Residency

Re-storying Your Future
Take back the narrative of climate change

Feb – May 2022
Youth Film and Video Residency

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Invitation and Registration for Climate Change Youth Film and Video Residency


Once you have registered you will receive an email with instructions and a WEBEX link to the first online SCRIPTWRITING SESSION starting Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

  • Script Writing New Climate Stories >> Feb 8 – March 8, 6-7:30 pm, Online
  • Production Skills and Film Exploration Workshops >> March TBA, Echo Park Film Centre (Moberly Arts Centre & Fieldhouse)
  • 48 Hour Film Challenge >> April 2 – 3, Echo Park Film Centre (Moberly Arts Centre & Fieldhouse)
  • Editing the Final Cut for Change, Earth Day Celebration >> April TBA, Echo Park Film Centre (Moberly Arts Centre & Fieldhouse)
  • BC Youth Week World Premiere Screening >> May 1 – 7, Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre


This creative residency invites youth to take back the narrative of climate change through multi-media storytelling. The climate crisis is happening here and now. This is an especially critical issue for young people, for whom climate anxiety is the norm — a whole generation with the focus, energy and creativity to imagine a different future.

Throughout winter and spring 2022 youth will explore fiction scriptwriting as a way to tell their stories in preparation for a 48-hour film production challenge. They will be guided by a team of professional writers and filmmakers: invested in the idea that we need new stories to help navigate the uncertainty and chaos of the climate crisis and energize the courage to act.

The project begins online in February 2022, with TV writer Carmiel Banasky creating a safe platform for youth to move past their fears and learn how to spin new climate change narratives. In March, filmmakers and educators Paolo Davanzo and Lisa Marr of Echo Park Film Centre North lead the film and video production of stories generated from the scriptwriting sessions with Carmiel Banasky. Activities will take place online and at the Roundhouse, Echo Park Film Centre located at Moberly Park Fieldhouse in Vancouver, as well as participating community centres.

The fossil fuel industry has buried and spun their policies and actions into stories that have allowed them to continue with business as usual. Now, they are pushing apocalyptic narratives that have us too afraid to act, and stories that paralyze individuals with guilt and personal responsibility. Youth storytellers have the power to counter those stories with new stories of care and community and collective action. Climate stories don’t have to be all doom and gloom, they can uplift and re-center marginalized and underrepresented voices, as well as non-extractive worldviews.

A Vancouver Park Board residency in partnership with the Roundhouse.


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