Get to know Poet in Residence – Angelica Poversky

Angelica Poversky [t(he)y] is is a Russian-Jewish trans-gender, queer poetry-excavator. They have performed across Turtle Island and Europe, unearthing what was once buried in silence. They have been published in Frontier Poetry and SAD Mag among other journals. They are proud to currently be the Poet in Residence at the Roundhouse Community Arts & Recreation Centre. They hate taxidermies and love timelessness.

What excites you about being the poet in residence?

I feel really humbled to be able to work in the community to guide folks through claiming their power through poetry. Especially working with youth is such a gift.

A lot of my work is driven by interrogating how we express with sovereignty. Putting the “NO” back into our life, self-forgiveness and release writing, poetry as boundary mantras and tapping into our own unconditional acceptance of our unique flow.

It’s an amazing experience to work with youth directly through these processes, as well as the extended community of creatives.

Young people are energy shifters and dream realizers.

What does poetry mean to you?

In poetry, I have been exploring excavation. How deep do we dig to be the core of ourselves, without any one else’s prescription? Poems ask what’s yours and what was handed off to you? Poetry is clearing and releasing all lives, words, and concepts that are not yours and naming the system that found itself burying our mouths & languages. 

After excavation, I see poetry as self-timelessness. Poetry becomes naming ourselves outside of those systems that once buried us. Poetry is driven by radical self creation. Speaking the future now. Absolving the past. Re-interpreting (recreating) the past. Celebrating ourselves on different timelines.

Who is a poet you admire?

Kathy Engel. She told me “write towards and not against” – and I will keep that with me for life. I took her class Language Is/As Action, and have been delving deeper into the awe of the word and its form ever since.

What projects with the Roundhouse are you most looking forward to?

I am excited for the Flaming Balloon Project with Anjalica Solomon. As well as the drop-in Abundance sessions. But I am most excited for the whole process. The way folks have already shown up to the workshops is inspiring. Young people are energy shifters and dream realizers.

I am also over the moon with seeing how this large scale exhibition for BC Youth Week is going to go. Exhibiting the Flaming Balloon Collective poets,  poets I’ve been working with through Poetry In Voice, and all the people that have dropped into the Abundance workshops and other workshops I’m offering through the Roundhouse. It’s amazing to see people put together complete projects, that move everyone in the room. It’s an act of courage doing such a community exhibition and I can’t wait to see what unfolds.

Do you have any words of wisdom for young poets?

Discover the words for what breaks your heart the most, and what gives you the most purpose, and how that is a direct channel into your gifts as an artist.

Catch Poet in Residence Angelica at any of the following programs at the Roundhouse!


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