Healthy Aging through the Arts

Celebrating Art’s Benefits for Older Adults

Video courtesy of Art & Health

As we age, it’s essential to maintain our physical and mental well-being. Engaging in different activities such as the arts can be an excellent way to maintain one’s mental health. Art practice offers a sense of accomplishment, reduces stress and anxiety, improves cognitive function, and enhances socialization and communication among older adults. This is why The Roundhouse is presenting The 19th Annual Arts and Health: Healthy Aging through the Arts, which brings together artists, seniors, and Elders to celebrate the joy of art. Arts & Health is a working collaboration of seniors and Elders and professional artists, who together develop an arts practice that focuses on the creative expression of ideas and issues that are important to them. The project provides a forum for expression and communication, exploration and imagination, which in turn fosters a sense of well-being and belonging.

Older adult dancing in front of audience.

Participating in the arts has numerous benefits, such as providing a sense of accomplishment, improving self-esteem, reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing mental health, and improving memory and cognitive function.

Recent studies have shown that older adults who regularly participate in the arts and maintain an active social life in their later years may be able to delay the onset of cognitive decline and memory problems, often precursors to dementia in old age. The act of creative expression not only gives seniors a sense of purpose but also helps them maintain their coordination, concentration, and mental health. It’s a proactive step towards healthy aging.

The 19th Annual Arts and Health: Healthy Aging through the Arts, A Vancouver Park Board residency and partnership with Arts & Healthy Aging through the Arts, runs May 28 until June 7 at The Roundhouse. Arts & Health brings together artists, seniors, and Elders to dance, sing, write, paint, and develop collaborative art projects of all kinds. This event includes a free exhibition with a showcase on Friday, May 31. Celebrate with us!


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