Salmon Run Anthology

Salmon Run is a powerful and provocative collection of comic arts. Each artist explores themes both personal and political, rooted in a West Coast Indigenous perspective. Starting with the eponymous masthead by Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas, notable for his Indigenous manga art including Red, each page sprawls with energy and passion. The comics are by turns fresh and raw, subversive and reflective, humorous and dark.

Curated by creator Cole Pauls, and published by the Vancouver Comic Arts Association in May 2022, Salmon Run is a free newspaper anthology. Pauls is a Tahltan comic artist, illustrator and printmaker hailing from Haines Junction (Yukon Territory) with a BFA in Illustration from Emily Carr University. The anthology features work by 12 BC-based, Indigenous comic artists.

This attractive, two-colour, large-format newspaper publication is available free at the Roundhouse front desk while supplies last.

Roundhouse partner, Vancouver Comic Arts Association, brings the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival to the Exhibition Hall on May 20-21, 2023. VanCAF’s opening night on Friday, May 19 features one of the artists in Salmon Run, Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas. Read more and register for the free event!

Salmon Run artists

Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas
Cole Pauls
Eliot White-hill, Kwulasultun
Gord Hill
Atheana Picha
Bailey Macabre
Whess Harman
Karlene Harvey
Maya Mckibbin
Ocean Hyland
TJ Felix

A few image details from Salmon Run


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