Fly Your Pride Flag High!

On Sunday, August 6, this year’s Pride Parade marches past the Roundhouse on it’s new route. It starts at English Bay and winds its way along Pacific Boulevard to just past BC Place. Check out Pride Vancouver’s website for full details, including events on both Saturday and Sunday.

Vancouver’s Pride has been marching the streets of Vancouver in protest, victory and celebration in one form or another since 1971. The first Pride parade hit the road in 1973 near Second Beach, and gained official recognition from the City of Vancouver in 1981. Not long after the start, San Franciscan, Gilbert Baker, created the original Pride flag, famously putting the design into the public domain, available for use by all people.

The original flag began with eight colours that for practical purposes were eventually reduced to the iconic six. Baker assigned meaning to all the colours: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for serenity, purple for spirit. For those who are curious, the missing colours are pink for sex, turquoise for magic/art. Baker also had a nine-colour version that also included lavender for diversity.

In 2017/2018, the chevron was added to left side, representing people of colour – black/brown, trans people – white/blue/pink. The latest version from 2021 integrates the intersex symbol yellow/purple circle. Where the original colours represented positive values for people to connect with, the later flags give voice to under-represented groups.

The Roundhouse will be displaying the six-colour Pride flag (thank you to the Yaletown Business Improvement Association for the loan) and the 2021 flag in and around our facility.

It’s going be a warm day, so please take a break from the heat in our air-conditioned facility, and fill up your water bottle at the water fountains. We’re excited to be on the new route, but it means that access to the Roundhouse will be limited – please walk, bike or take transit. Have fun, and fly your flag proudly!


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