Safety First!

We take inspiration from the sign on the old Roundhouse turntable that boldly states, Safety First. Our rooftop has been very active over the summer months, with contractors removing and installing our new HVAC units.

As with many major repairs, particularly on such an old building as the Roundhouse which was opened in 1887, there were some hidden surprises waiting to be found. One of them was that the upper portion of the brick wall, above the walkway from the Turntable Plaza towards Drake, needs repairs. Upon inspection, it was deemed unstable and needs to be reinforced.

The structural engineers who assessed the wall decided that the safety hazard to the public was too great. The walkway was closed. It will remain closed until the building wall has been satisfactorily reinforced, and is no longer a danger to people walking below.

We know this is very inconvenient for the neighbourhood. The contractor is working hard to meet the requirements of the structural engineers, and get the walkway open as soon as possible. We hope to have it open before the end of September.

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