Coyotes in the neighbourhood

A brown coyote walks through a clearing in the woods.

They aren’t just in Stanley Park! Local residents have reported that a pack of four coyotes has been wandering the streets around the Roundhouse. They haven’t been aggressive to anyone, but they are habituated to humans.

If you see a coyote, please report your sighting on the Stanley Park Ecology Society website.

Here are some tips if you chance upon coyotes in the city:

  • Be Big, Brave, and Loud – Scaring coyotes helps them retain a natural fear of people.
  • Never Feed Coyotes – Coyotes that are fed by people can become bold and aggressive, and may have to be destroyed.
  • Pet Safety – Keep dogs on a leash and cats indoors, especially at night.
  • Spread the Word – Report your sightings, tell your neighbours about co-existing, and put up posters in your neighbourhood.


Find out more about co-existing with coyotes on the Stanley Park Ecology Society website, including urban coyote history and facts, pet safety, and more.


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