Physical Distancing at the Roundhouse

Social Distancing protocols

We’ve missed you! It’s been six months since the Roundhouse closed its doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Physical distancing swept the world as a key effort to help reduce the spread of the virus. Now that our doors are open to the public again, we’ve incorporated those changes into how we operate the centre.

How’s your health?

Each patron must self-assess their health. If you are feeling or showing any symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing, runny nose, etc), do not enter the building.

Arrivals and departures

Patrons will be asked to provide their contact information when entering the centre, if they are not registered for a class for contact tracing purposes. We will have one main entrance (Mews side) and one main exit (Pacific Blvd side). However, if you are registered in a class you will exit directly from their classrooms to the exterior of the building and will not exit back through the facility. Be cognizant of new signage including new flow of traffic, physical distancing reminders, new maximum capacities for classroom and washrooms, and exits.

Purpose-based access

Time spent in the centre will not be like it was in the past. The centre will not be a place when patrons “hang out or mingle.” Access will be purpose-based (participation in programs, registration or washroom use).

Attending a class

Check your receipt and review which room your class will be held in (i.e. Mews side, Gymnasium, Exhibition Hall, Room B, etc.) as some rooms have been changed due to social distancing restrictions. The number of participants per class has been reduced.

Check-in to your class no earlier than 15 minutes prior to start time and no later than 5 minutes. No late entries will be permitted at this time due to scheduled access to the facility. Be ready to begin, as access to washrooms may be limited

Limited shared equipment – please bring your own equipment to use during the class (mat, towel, paddles, racquets etc.)

Parents are not permitted to watch programs or wait in the facility for their children’s programs to end. For younger aged programs, the instructor will meet the families on the first day at the Mews side entrance and show parents the designated drop off and pick off for future classes.

Many classes will not have a drop-in option available due to the reduced number of spaces in class. Details on how to drop-in will be listed in the course description, if it is an available option.

Water fountains are only accessible for bottle refill. The mouthpieces will not be turned on.


Although masks are not mandatory in the Community Centre, we recommend and encourage wearing them while inside the Community Centre as much as possible. This includes hallways and areas where physical distancing is not possible.


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