Warming Shelters in Vancouver

Four people bundled in heavy parkas walk through driving snow on a city street.

After a late fall, winter has arrived with a flurry, and with that, the temperatures have dropped enough to open the warming shelters in Vancouver.

An Extreme Weather Alert was issued for the municipality of Vancouver on November 25, 2022. We encourage people who are sleeping outside to come to the safety of the shelters. Please let those who need shelters know that they are open. The winter response shelter spaces will be open through Tuesday night and due to the forecast at this point, will likely be extended. Please check the City of Vancouver website for updates.

Resources and Information

Read/download the Vancouver Extreme Weather Response Notification (pdf)

Read/download the COV Winter Response Shelters and Warming Centres (pdf)

Find a shelter space via the website

For more shelter information, contact Carnegie Outreach 604-665-3318 | | 392 Powell St

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