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Poetics of Possibility

February 19 February 23

Presented by Vancouver Park Board Decolonization, Arts and Culture in partnership with the Roundhouse Society and the Spectacular Data Project

Laboratory 2024
Mon Feb 19 – Fri Feb 23
Performance Centre/Exhibition Hall
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Part of a weeklong laboratory of thought experiments, Poetics of Possibility explores the radical notion of possibility in a polarized time. Together with community members and artists, the public is invited to join in talks and workshops designed to explore what compels us to imagine the future.

Laughter All the Way With Tomson Highway
Mon Feb 19, 4 pm
Performance Centre
Tomson talks laughter and rabbit nation.
Special Family Day virtual presentation
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Playing with Possibility 
For Children (ages 6 -13) and Parents
Mon Feb 19, 1-2 pm
Room B
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Dance artist, Delia Brett explores creating possibilities together through imagination and movement.

Mapping the Light and Dark Matters

Wed Feb 21 – 23
Exhibition Hall

Visitors are prompted to tell their own stories of possibility. In addition works in progress include a youth pilot project led by Karen Karen Thao La that explores how cultures across the globe use textiles as an expression of identity and a form of resistance. An installation by the Spectacular Data: Fascism and the Coded Present Project contributes to the discussion of how and where the polarities are located.

Peering Through the Looking Glass
Thu Feb 22, 7 pm
Performance Centre
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Discussion: 3 writers and a dancer in search for a crack in the universe pose questions for the future. Poets Angelic Goldsky and Wil George in conversation with dancer Marco Esccer invite you to muse with them, composing new questions to help us re-imagine the future. Facilitated by systems change consultant and writer Lisa Gibson.
Writers: Wil George (Bio), Angelic Goldsky (Bio), Lisa Gibson (Bio) Dancer: Marco Esccer (Instagram)

AR Poetry Workshop with Angelic Goldsky
Sat Feb 24, 12:30 – 4:30
Roundhouse Community Centre
181 Roundhouse Mews  Room A
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Embark on a poetic journey with Angelic Goldsky, acclaimed queer and trans poet and multi-disciplinary artist, as they guide you through the creative realm of Augmented Reality (AR) poetry. Augmented Reality, a technology that overlays digital elements onto the real world, becomes the canvas for your poetic expressions in this innovative workshop.

In this workshop you’ll delve into the intersection of poetry and AR art, exploring the exciting possibilities that arise when words come to life in a digital space. Discover the art of tracking a poem to your body or face, and learn how to place verses within a virtual room, adding a new dimension to the poetic experience. We will focus on crafting short, impactful poems and developing a vision for your AR poetry-masterpiece. Angelic Goldsky will share practical tools and guide you through the process of merging stories of possibility with technology. Dive into the world of Spark AR as you acquire beginner skills that empower you to bring your poetic visions to life. Then bring your AR poem to fruition as you finalize and publish your creation as an Instagram Filter for the world to use. Explore the playful synergy between poetry and augmented reality, shaping the future of creative expression in the online realm. Join us as we blend the art of language with play-technology, unlocking new possibilities for the world of poetry in the digital age.

The workshop welcomes participants of all ages, including poetry AR beginners. While geared towards adults, youth are also welcome. Bring a laptop, phone with connecting cord, a Facebook account, and an Instagram account for an enriching experience. If you don’t have the required accounts or access to the necessary tech, please contact us beforehand so we can explore alternative arrangements to ensure everyone can participate. 

Peripheral Magic
Fri Feb 23, 7 pm
Performance Centre
Discussion: Prominent community members recalibrate to consider what is standing right before us.
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Indigenous educator/cultural facilitator/union representative Shelley Saje Ricci (Shelley Bear) and scientist / activist Lynne Quarmby re-envision that which wasn’t evident before. Facilitated by systems change consultant and writer Lisa Gibson.
Educator: Shelley Saje Ricci (Shelley Bear) (Bio), Activist: Lynne Quarmby (Bio), Writer: Lisa Gibson (Bio)

Enduring Threads: A 4-Week textile exploration for Teens (ages 13-18)
Feb 2 – 23
Fridays, 6 – 9 pm
Room A

Artist, Karen Thao La invites youth to learn how cultures across the globe use textiles as an expression of identity and a form of resistance. Karen Thao La is a Vietnamese-Canadian multidisciplinary artist and cultural worker who lives, plays, and works between two cultures.

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