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The Ties That Bind

June 14 - June 25


A Roundhouse partnership with Pride in Art Society
Fri Jun 14–Tue Jun 25
Exhibition Hall | Performance Centre

TICKETS Pay-What-You-Want at queerartsfestival.com
INFO queerartsfestival.com | FB/TW @qafvancouver | IG @queerarts

The Ties That Bind examines the bonds and complexities of Family, be it blood or chosen, and how Queer communities continue to survive and thrive alongside, within, and occasionally despite traditional family constructs. From collectives to drag houses to the many partnerships we enjoy year after year, QAF 2024 examines the many ways in which “family” manifests itself in Queer communities. 2024 Festival highlights include the transdisciplinary animation collective, Flavourcel; Ayibobo III, a groundbreaking theatrical production exploring Black and Queer intersectionality, Haitian Voodoo and modern pop culture (with frank theatre); and OverChering, a drag show-theatre hybrid that dives into a childhood within the foster system of a Two-Spirit, Indigenous kid, starring

Thanks to Jem (with ZeeZee Theatre).

Poetics of Possibility: Stealth Codes 
Workshop and Community Exhibition by Angelic Goldsky 

“Poetics of Possibility” explores future possibilities as an invitation to inspire community dialogue through an ongoing laboratory of experimentation. In the spirit of this project, STEALTH CODES—Transgender Augmented Reality and Poems of Presence, features works by Angelic Goldsky and queer artists creating in community workshops, blending poetry with augmented reality (AR) to reveal digital transgender truths.

Vancouver Park Board in partnership with the Roundhouse and the Queer Arts Festival.

AR Poetry
June 11 6:30- 9:30 PM
Multi-Media Room
Limited Enrolment: Book Eventbrite here 

Join Angelic Goldsky for an AR poetry workshop from 6:30 PM-9:30PM. Open to all ages and beginners, participants will create pieces for the exhibit. Bring a laptop, phone with a connecting cord, a Facebook account, and an Instagram account. Contact us if you need tech assistance.

STEALTH CODES—Transgender Augmented Reality and Poems of Presence
June 14 – 25 
Roundhouse Lobby

STEALTH CODES is an exhibition featuring the works of Angelic Goldsky and queer community artists, crafted in collaborative workshop sessions merging poetry with augmented reality (AR). This exhibition explores digital transgender truth-telling, that is hidden in plain sight, while confronting the absence of queer transgender life affirmation online.

Through the use of AR, STEALTH CODES brings hidden queer signals and poetic expressions into sharp focus, challenging cisnormative perspectives. Inspired by texts like Lisa Blackman’s ‘Haunted Data’ and Donna J. Haraway’s ‘Cyborg Manifesto,’ the exhibition delves into themes of queer futurity, imaginative possibilities of queer and trans cyber-utopia, and hidden, yet deeply present, queer life online, through features like plane-tracking and body-tracking that reveal digital objects, poems and portals otherwise unseen.

The AR installations present both coded and uncoded expressions of queer and transgender existence and poems.


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