Located in the former diesel shed of the old Roundhouse, the Performance Centre retains its original brickwork, picture windows, and large train doors, delivering charm, warmth and character to the space. The retractable seating and large retractable projector screen make this space ideal for diverse events—from dance and music performances, meetings and lectures, to weddings, receptions, and full-scale theatre. 

While the room can be configured to meet the needs of your event, the space also has a default set-up that is ready to use. This configuration has bleacher seating, a stage area at floor level, and is equipped with a lighting and sound system.


Number of people per configuration:

  • Default seating set-up: 200
  • With additional front row: 220
  • Smaller stage with thrust-style seating: 270 (seats on 3 sides of stage)
  • Small stage within the round style seating: 300 (seats on 4 sides of stage)
  • Retracted Seats (no theatre seating); with food: 200
  • Retracted seats; no food: 250


  • Available stage area is approximately 27’ deep x 40’ wide
  • Default stage is set to 24’ deep x 36’ wide
  • The room is approximately 5,500 square feet
  • There is a fixed grid over the central floor area of the room at a height of 22’ 9”
  • The roof is 32’ high
  • A 7’ wide catwalk runs the entire perimeter of the space at a height of 16’
  • A traveller drape hangs from the inside edge of the catwalk
  • A portion of the Exhibition Hall adjacent to the Performance Centre is partitioned as a designated lobby area
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