Acrylic and Multimedia with Yves
Come discover the magic of art and have a magical evening painting session. The instructor, Yves, will guide you through the class and introduce you on how to view world in color. Bring your own paintbrushes and canvas.
Canvas - Pouring Workshop
During this class you will create your very own pouring masterpiece. Acrylic Pouring is a fascinating fluid painting technique, also known as fluid art. Acrylic pouring is a fun and creative way to make abstract art on all sorts of objects.
Drawing: Learning To See
The most important skill when it comes to drawing is the act of observing. In this course, participants will develop their analytical skill of seeing and then interpret that on paper. Bernadine will also provide the six most important tools an artist can use to enhance their drawing skills over just 6 sessions.
Cedar Bracelet Weaving Workshop
My name is Rita Point Kompst and I am an artist from Musqueam. Join me for a class of cedar bark weaving. Embrace my legacy that has been woven through generations.
Mixed Media
This is you chance to mix up unconventional materials into your drawings. Learn to play with textures, bold colour palettes, and different processes. Using collage, image transfer and other techniques, you will find that your creativity is limitless.

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