Watercolour Painting
This program will give you the chance to learn to apply watercolour painting by exploring the medium. s full potential. Learn to use water, paper, colour, and brushes to create an endless variety of tones and atmosphere in your painting.
Acrylic Painting
Enjoying and relaxing with acrylic painting as an expressive and vibrant medium. You will learn how to use the brushes to achieve a variety of techniques including blending, glazing, lifting, wet on wet and over dry to create different textures and brush strokes on your artwork. We will focus on beautiful landscapes, flowers and figures.
Drawing: Six Essential Tools to Quickly Improve Your Drawing
The most important skill when it comes to drawing is the act of observing. In this course, participants will develop their analytical skill of seeing and then interpret that on paper. Bernadine will also provide the six most important tools an artist can use to enhance their drawing skills in just 6 sessions.
Pysanka | Ukrainian Egg Decorating Workshop
Join for a community-building fundraiser centered around the tradition of making Ukrainian Easter eggs. Participants will learn how to use a wax-resist method to decorate eggs using traditional motifs or their own creations. The session is free to attend, and all supplies are included.
Acrylic Tryptic Paint Pouring on Canvases
Acrylic painting is a fun and creative way to make abstract art on all sorts of objects. Learn techniques like a dirty pour, and a simple pour as well as a bloom, how to mix paint medium into acrylic paints to create a flow, and how to add silicone oil to create beautiful cells throughout your paintings.

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