Roundhouse Community Dancers
Join dance artists Luciana D’Anunciação and Marco Esccer in the exploration of creative movement and collaborative creation in performance. This series provides a safe space to experiment with dance improvisation, compositional games, and creative ways to express yourself through dance regardless of your abilities, age and gender.
Introduction to Vertical Dance with Aeriosa
This beginner level class is designed to introduce the exhilaration of vertical dance while developing safety awareness and practicing rope and harness systems. During this progressive series, participants will be introduced to fundamental vertical dance skills by learning choreography and creative movement exercises.
All Bodies Dance Project
All Bodies Dance Project brings together artists with and without disabilities to explore movement as a means of creative expression. These accessible and inclusive classes are for people of all abilities, genders, sizes, and backgrounds. Classes explore improvisation in an open, safe, and fun environment.
Latin Funk
A original spicy dance mix of eight Latin dance styles with a splash of groovy funky moves. Gustavo will show you proper authentic hip movements and techniques for Salsa, Mambo, Cha-Cha-Cha, Bachata, Rumba and more. As you are having fun dancing.
Intermediate Vertical Dance with Aeriosa
Join Aeriosa Dance Artists for a fun class that playfully adds challenges to fundamental vertical dance skills learned through our Introductory series. Try some Aeriosa Dance Company repertoire plus continue to explore your technical and creative expression through improvisation and collaboration.
Brazilian Rhythms
Brazilian Rhythms is a program that explores the Brazilian culture through dance. Classes are all levels where you can expect to push your limits and gain physical strength. You will learn new rhythms in diving into the Brazilian culture.
Brazilian Partners Dance
Tru various Brazilian partners dance styles - Brazilian Zouk, forró, Bolero, Soltinho are a few of the options we will explore in classes. It's recommended to register with a partner, each one registering separately. No previous experience required.
Introduction to Salsa
Embark on an exciting journey into the vibrant world of salsa dancing. Our salsa class is tailored for beginners, ensuring a supportive and welcoming environment.
Introduction to Night Club Two Step
Introduction to Night Club Two-StepLearn to dance the Night Club Two Step, a romantic and elegant flowing partner dance, in a safe and supportive environment. Two experienced and supportive instructors will guide you, breaking down the fundamental techniques and patterns into easily understandable components.
Alaia Dance
Alaia is a soft-impact, somatic dance practice with conscious aerobic movement. Connect more deeply with your body and self through sensory awareness, receive a complete cardio dance experience with fun choreography and freedom, and have a transformative level of relaxation in the cool down. Alaia dance is barefoot.
Bachata Dance - Beginners
Bachata is a Latin dance from the Dominican republic, and is a worldwide phenemonen. It's easy to learn with its basic timing and movement. Develop basic bachata steps while building up simple patterns, and learn how to lead and follow.

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