Elsie Roy Noon Hour

Elsie Roy Noon Hour - Soccer
Build soccer skills through drills and practice. Finish each day with a fun team-building game. .
Elsie Roy Noon Hour: Dance & Rhythm
***DANCE & RHYTHM is a high energy fun fusion of world dance styles. This class is a creative, high energy blast for kids. No dance experience is required.
Elsie Roy Noon Hour - Lions MMA Kids Martial Arts
Lions MMA teaches the basic fundamentals of Mixed Martial arts, kick boxing and Jiu Jitsu. Through the guidance of experienced martial arts instructors, kids will learn simple and effective kickboxing and grappling techniques, as well as basic conflict resolutions skills that will help keep them safe and happy.
Elsie Roy Noon Hour - Chess
Explore the strategic world of chess, where beginners learn the fundamentals and advanced players learn new strategies. Hone your skills by playing against more experienced players. .
Elsie Roy Noon Hour - smART Kidz
SmART KIDZ. LEARN MATH, LANGUAGE, SCIENCE AND MORE THROUGH ART. Art builds life long skills such as the importance of focus, experimentation, taking risks and making mistakes.
Elsie Roy Noon Hour - Unique Creations
Have fun and discover the freedom of creative self-expression as you explore your imagination through drawing, painting, storytelling and play. Com and make your creations be as unique as you are. Dress for a mess.
Elsie Roy Noon Hour - Cartoon Mania
Invent stories, paint and learn to draw your favourite Disney characters. No Oct 10, 24. .
Elsie Roy Noon Hour - Hockey
Build your hockey skills through practice. Each class includes a fun, team-building game. no Oct 13.
Elsie Roy Noon Hour - Karate
Learn discipline, gain confidence, increase flexibility, develop cooperation and have fun. No class Nov 11
Elsie Roy Noon Hour - All Stars Performers
Learn songs and dances from popular musicals like Frozen, Wicked, Annie or The Sound of Music. Build confidence and learn music expression, drama and choreography. .
Elsie Roy Noon Hour - Yoga
A yoga class for children to cultivate greater self-esteem, awareness and confidence in a non-competitive environment. Each class will incorporate individual, partner and group activities, as well as music and even some yoga dance moves. .
Elsie Roy Noon Hour - Badminton
Build your badminton skills through practice. Each class includes a fun, team-building game. no class Nov 11.
Elsie Roy Noon Hour - PlayMakers Basketball
Build your basketball skills through drills and practice. Each class includes fun, team-building games. No class Oct 10.
Elsie Roy Noon Hour: Zumba Kids
Perfect for our younger Zumba fans. Kids get the chance to be active and jam out to their favorite music. Zumba Kids classes feature kid-friendly routines based on original Zumba choreography.

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