Fitness & Health

Using fitness principles of interval and resistance training to maximize caloric output, fat burning, and total body toning, Zumba uses a variety of easy to follow styles including cumbia, soca, merengue, salsa, African, reggaeton, flamenco, funk, and belly dance. Instructor is Luglio Romero. .
Prenatal Pilates
Feel toned and graceful throughout your pregnancy. Improve your posture through core strength, stability and proper alignment. The class will focus strength for the first 45 minutes and stretch for the last 15minutes.
Gentle Yoga
Experience the joy of gentle Hatha with a balanced and creative approach. Focus on breath and meditation in poses, while stretching and experiencing freedom of movement for improved body awareness, flexibility, and core strength.
Ultimate Conditioning and Core Training
Bring your heart rate up with Marital Arts inspired moves, using just your body weight and resistance/weights. Build your muscles and condition your body for daily life needs and favorite sport activities. Improve your endurance, range of motion, and muscle density.
Vinyasa Yoga for Energy
A graceful & energetic style of yoga to help calm your mind, increase your energy & strengthen your body. Suitable for all levels. Bring your own yoga mat and if available 2 blocks and a strap.
Yoga for Wellbeing
A yoga practice to help you feel better in your body and support your active lifestyle. Enhance your stability, mobility, balance & flexibility. Bring your own yoga mat and if available 2 blocks and a strap.