Booty Barre Workout
A ballet, Pilates and yoga inspired workout that will make you sweat and smile while building core strength, lean muscle, and killer glutes. This class includes a cardio component and offers options for all levels. Drop-in $15.
Mobility and Core Training
This class will offer mobility, core strengthening and reinforcement of your stability muscles. These moves will help your all body and its soft tissues to promote better movement and improved functional range of motion. You will improve on your core strength; offer you elongated muscles and overall stability and wellbeing.
Body Interval Conditioning Training
This class will offer you great body weight warm-up and will gradually bring you to the stage of interval conditioning consisting of cardio moves inspired by martial mart, as well strength training with low and heavy weights. Some classes might introduce other equipment as benders, step and body ball.
Baby & Me Yoga
Baby & Me Yoga classes are designed with the birthing parent and new baby in mind. Connect with your young one with playful asana (exercises) as you stretch, breathe and relax your body back into shape, while your baby is stimulated physically, emotionally and socially.

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  3. Complete your registration, including payment.

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