Group Fitness

Cardio Core
Cardio Core brings your heart rate up and works your core through muscle conditioning while listening to groovy new beats. This class is low impact and geared towards active and fit older adults. .
Posture Perfect
Geared towards older adults, this co-ed class includes a cardio warmup, weights, stability ball, spine work, and stretches, while strengthening the body to improve balance, agility, core strength and posture.
Tighten Up
Join us for conditioning program which improves muscle control, flexibility, coordination, strength and tone. This is low impact class, using only mat and pair of weights as equipment. Based on Pilates, strength training and Yoga principles, you will learn proper breathing, good posture and right concentration on each part of your body.
Ultimate Conditioning: Cardio Boxing & Resistance Drills
Bring your heart rate up with marital arts inspired moves, using just your body weight and resistance/weights. Training is based on applying each time different intervals as to promote faster results and better stamina. Build your muscles and condition your body for a daily life needs and favorite sport activities.
Cardio Combo
Geared towards older adults looking for a lower-impact fitness class providing cardio, balance and strength training for an overall body workout. Increase fitness confidence and strength working with bands. .

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  3. Complete your registration, including payment.

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