Group Fitness

Fit 4 Two Prenatal Fitness
All fitness levels, and trimesters welcome. Enjoy the many benefits of exercising through your pregnancy. Connect with other parents-to-be in your community while reducing prenatal discomforts like lower backache, fatigue and swelling.
Fit 4 Two Baby and Me Fitness
Work out with other parents in your community AND attend to baby. s needs at any time. Benefit from increased energy, improved posture, less aches and pains and a stronger core.
Fit 4 Two Prenatal Core Workshop
Can you do core exercises when you are pregnant. Absolutely. In fact, not maintaining a healthy core can lead to a sore back, unstable pelvis, urinary incontinence, loss of balance and a more difficult postpartum core recovery.
Fit 4 Two Infant Massage Workshop
Massaging Baby helps him sleep better, relaxes and soothes, aids digestion, contributes to development, encourages bonding & improves communication. Research shows further benefits for babies with colic, eczema, babies with special needs and adoptive families. Mats, oil & handouts are provided.

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