Spanish - Conversational
For those with basic command of Spanish, practice this beautiful language in a friendly environment. Topics discussed will include history, arts, food, music and traditions. .
Adults Spanish For Beginners - Level 1
Come and enjoy learning Spanish in a practical day-to-day situations to help you when traveling to Spanish-speaking countries. We will learn why Spanish is simultaneously one of the most beautiful and logical languages. At the end of the program you will be able to express your ideas in present tense and present continuous.
Conversational French
Bonjour. The most effective and efficient way to improve your French is to speak it. Expect lots of Frenchness and good times with a Parisian Teacher, born and raised in France.
French Writing
Bonjour. Improve your French, grow your vocabulary and gain confidence in your communication/emails in this short and sweet class. Includes grammar points that will be used in the Conversational class right after.
Italian - Beginner 1
This course is open to all the people interested in learning a basic knowledge of the Italian Language. During this course we will learn several topics, such as: the alphabet, numbers, date and hour greetings and introducing yourself, the verbs and their conjugations, the articles how to order at the restaurant and last but not least, Have Fun.
Italian - Beginner 3
Practice your English (Beginner/Advanced Beginner)
In this course we will improve your English skills in all areas (Speaking, writing & listening) in an inclusive, encouraging environment. We will learn some tips and tricks for learning English sounds, basic conversational sentences, and more. Only a basic knowledge of English is needed.

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