Violin Lessons with Hannah
Hannah is an expert in teaching beginners and intermediate students to enhance their foundation techniques, which can become crucial to move on to the next level of playing the instrument. Students will also learn music theory and sight-reading in accordance with their experience with music. Please bring your own violin to class.
Vocal Expressions - Individual Voice Lessons
This is a basic private class in understanding your voice and how to use it to express music for yourself and others. But it is also an ongoing course; vocal performers are always working to maintain and/or improve their abilities. That said, practice consistently and mindfully, and you will have results in your performance quickly.
Piano - Musical Expressions
Musical expressions takes on a creative and intuitive approach to music learning. Here you can develop your skills in piano, voice (singing), or a mixture of the two. With goals and learning styles varying from student to student, we help you first determine what you want to achieve.
Spring Piano Music Recital
Let's celebrate all the hard work the students have put in and usher in the summer season with music each student chooses to showcase. This is a great opportunity to honour and recognize all the achievements the students have made as well as to develop performance skills. Only performing students need to register.
Private Ukulele/Guitar Lessons
Have you always wanted to learn a string instrument. We offer private guitar or ukulele lessons to get you started. Students will be guided through a series of lessons to develop their skills.

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