Woodworking Studio Session Time
Registration only. Participants must have completed a Woodworking Studio Session Time Evaluation in order to register for this program. Registration closes 24 hours before the posted date and time.
Woodworking Studio Session Time Evaluations
Woodworking Studio Session Time Evaluations are for those who have completed Woodworking: Level 1, or for those who have considerable knowledge and experience in a woodworking studio. Those who successfully pass the evaluation can register and participate in Woodworking Studio Session Times. Evaluation decisions are final.
Woodworking Carving Basics - Carving Spoons
Learn the basics of carving form using hand tools, including planning, reading the wood, layout, visualizing form and choosing the right tools. Also included is learning in-depth sharpening methods for straight and curved blades and making and using honing strops. Check with www.
Woodworking Level 1 Unplugged
Unplugged woodworking is the perfect solution for woodworking in small spaces . think apartments or anyone who believes . less is more.
Woodworking Basics Level 1 with Wood Turning
This is a course appropriate for a beginner to woodworking. Turning is an art form analogous to sculpture. The learning objectives of the course are; introduction to lumber classification, designing for wood movement, basic milling with jointer, planer, tablesaw and the basics of wood turning.
Woodworking Level 1 - Basics
Woodworking Level 1 - Basics (Simplified)
This course is a shorter and simplified version of our Level 1 Basics course. You will learn the important basics such as the milling of rough lumber using the major power machines - the Jointer, Planer and Table saw. After this course you will have gained a better understanding of the material and how it challenges the maker.

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