F.I.R.E. Personal Safety and Self Defense

What does Personal Safety look like to you? How do you manage your fear on how to stay safe walking down the street? Would you know how to respond if you needed to defend yourself? Random unprovoked assaults in the downtown core and city is at an all time high according to the statistics provided by the Vancouver Police Department. Our sense of personal security is a priority. This Self Defense program is an Israeli based system and is one of the worlds best personal safety and self empowering program. It teaches you how to manage your safety concerns and how to process that fear and turn it into a tool. Anyone regardless of age, size or fitness capacity can learn it. All tactics are based on a persons natural ability to respond and react. Understand the importance of Situational Awareness and how to reduce the risk of being an easy target. Empowerment comes from education and techniques combined. Avoid, de-escalate and disengaging from a threat are fundamentals of this course. But you will learn how to use your body as a tool when absolutely necessary. Be your own weapon. Be your own bodyguard.


May 02
06:00 pm - 08:00 pm
Room B
Age: from 19
ID Code: 446124
Bajus Jennifer
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