Evolving from a pilot project in 2011, the Vancouver Park Board Fieldhouse studio residency program now includes over 50 artists (solo or part of collectives) that work out of field houses, park facilities, marinas, and community centres. The program provides free work-only studios for artists in exchange for community arts-based engagement.  This project supports artists who create work in the heart of communities, developing community-based projects that engage with neighbourhoods and surrounding parks, and connect with other artists to grow this form of participatory arts.

Find out about the Fieldhouse Artists and their projects, and discover how you can participate!

Art: A Catalyst for Building Vibrant, Engaged Communities

  • With free studio space in exchange for community arts-based engagement, artists can:
  • Pursue their current art making directions and try new things without the constraints of studio cost
  • Engage, provoke, and grow participation in the arts through imaginative social encounters with the community
  • Connect with other artists who also work in this field of practice to grow this form of participatory arts-engagement