In 2012 the Roundhouse collaborated with Radix Theatre to create our first covert theatre project. Covert theatre brings together community members to create public music, dance and theatre interventions that play out on city streets, in shopping malls, on transit and in public spaces. Community members joined us to integrate art into the push and pull of daily life, and make public space more delightful, provocative and a little bit surreal.


Radix Theatre has been producing innovative and exciting performance events locally and nationally since 1988, focusing on experimentation and collaborative creation. Radix is currently steered by Artistic Director Andrew Laurenson who works with a team of artists developing company vision and projects. Their work is often site-specific, experimenting with the idea of audience in relation to performance. Past performance locations have includes a tour bus, a diner, a parking lot with audience members in cars, IKEA and a hotel banquet hall.