Roundhouse patrons can drop in and use an available room for a MAXIMUM OF 2 CONSECUTIVE HOURS PER DAY. The first hour is free, and the second hour, or portion thereof, is $5. Room use is not for the purposes of financial gain, to provide instruction, establish or promote outside activities or programs, or to run large group meetings. Room use is for activities such as rehearsals, studying, or small meetings. Designated member rooms: Rooms A, B & C, Dance Studio, Multimedia Room, Board Room, Music Room, Arts & Crafts Room.

The following conditions apply:

  • Room use is limited to three (3) people only. Four or more is considered a rental.
  • A room cannot be reserved in advance. Use is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You must sign up for a OneCard and hand it in to the front desk before using the room.
  • You must leave the room clean and organized the way you found it. Also:
    – Roundhouse staff will not provide or set up equipment.
    – You cannot leave or store materials or artwork in the Roundhouse.
    – Your use of the space must not disturb or conflict with other programming or rentals.
  • You will be responsible for the financial cost of replacing any equipment that is lost, or repairing any damage that occurs while you use the room.
  • The room is to be vacated at least 30 minutes before Roundhouse closes.
  • Your use of the space must not contravene the Human Rights Code.
  • Roundhouse staff reserves the right to ask patrons to vacate the space if the above regulations are not met, or if the staff has any unforeseen or emergency needs for programming space.
  • Failure to comply with this policy or follow the directions given by Roundhouse staff will result in immediate loss of access to Roundhouse rooms and may lead to cancellation of room use in the future.
  • Piano practice room: $5/hr, max 2 hours.

Common areas: (Mezzanine, Foyer, Great Hall, Exhibition Hall) These areas are for all patrons to use during Roundhouse open hours. Please refrain from using them as a member room use space (rehearsals, etc.). The Mezzanine is designated as a Quiet Area. Please turn off the sound on your electronic devices and keep noise/activity to a minimum.

No, however the closest amenities are:

Vancouver Aquatic Centre; Swimming Pool and Fitness Centre
1050 Beach Avenue – 604.665.3424

West End Community Centre; Skating Rink and Fitness Centre
870 Denman Street – 604.257.8333

False Creek Community Centre; Fitness Centre
1318 Cartwright Street, Granville Island – 604.257.8195

Creekside Community Centre; Fitness Centre
1 Athletes Way, near Science World – 604.257.3050

Covid-19 restrictions mean that our showers and lockers are not available for use. 

“Yaletown Happy Hour” meets Monday to Friday from 5:15 to 6:15pm in the Multimedia Room. It is a rental group that runs out of our centre and everyone is welcome to attend. Call them at 604.434.3933 before attending. Participation is by donation.

You can find Starbucks by Urban Fare grocery store, Sciue on the Roundhouse Turntable Plaza, Artigiano and Starbucks by the Canada Line station, plus plenty of restaurants from fast food to 5-star dining within two-blocks.

There are several ATM (bank machines) in this area. The closest ones are: Coast Capital on Davie Street (on the Turntable Plaza); HSBC on the corner of Davie Street and Pacific Boulevard; and RBC on Pacific Boulevard near the Canada Line sky train station towards Cambie Street.

Yes, our centre is considered a safe zone during an earthquake. We will have the earthquake emergency team set up a place of refuge here. During a heat wave, we have air-conditioned rooms and people can take shelter indoors from the heat.

The Roundhouse and Park Board sometimes take photos/videos/other media in order to promote programs in print or online. If people are included in those photos and are identifiable, they will be asked to sign a photo release form. Participants are always welcome to deny permission for their photo to be taken when taking part in a Roundhouse program. Instructors are not allowed to take photos of the classes they instruct, or to ask participants for permission to have their photo taken. Please contact the Roundhouse if you have any further questions