Pottery - Hand and Wheel with Cheryl
Cheryl will take you to the next stage of your skills in centering, altering, trimming, decorating and glazing pots. Come and see how your skills progress. This class is for students who have taken at least one clay class.
Pottery Drop-in - Making, Wheel, Handbuilding
Pottery studio drop-in is only intended for those who have a drop-in storage space assigned to them. Please contact the front desk if you wish to be added to the drop-in waitlist. No drop in Aug 3, 4, 31 & Sept 1.
Pottery - Hand and Wheel Throwing with Sue
Come play with clay in these multi level classes. Learn the basic of hand -building, wheel throwing, glazing and firing techniques. those continuing, work at your own pace with assistance to new techniques and challenges.
Pottery - Wheel and More
Get creative with clay. Good for beginners and those wishing to move forward with the basic techniques both on the wheel and hand-building. Clay and toolkits are not included in fees, and can be purchased on the first day of classes.
Pottery - Beginner Wheel Throwing with Nicole
Come learn the basics of working on the wheel with centering, pulling, forming and finishing. In this 6 week class you will be introduced to the principles and core structure of successful wheel work in your practice and ceramics as a whole. All experience levels welcome.
Pottery - Beginner Wheel Throwing
This course is designed for those who are new to pottery on the wheel or who have taken some pottery classes in the past. In this course, Mitra will cover the essential skills for wheel throwing, including wedging, centering, pulling, trimming, glazing, and studio etiquette.
Pottery - Intermediate Wheel Throwing
This course is designed for students who can center clay and create simple cylinders. By building upon this foundation, students will have the opportunity to refine their techniques and expand their skill set on the wheel. Altered and joined forms will be explored as well as handles, pouring vessels and lids.
Pottery - Cups, Mugs & Handles
Participants will learn to create various types of cups, mugs, and handles, along with exploring different decorating techniques. The class will include making various mug with a handle, moving on to crafting a beer, tumblers, shot glasses, and yunomis. .
Pottery - Bowls, Plates and Platters
The focus of this class will be on bowls and plates and how to transform them into other useful objects. We will begin with the basics of the plate and bowl forms and then quickly move on to techniques such as cutting away clay to create a basket or tray, and piercing to fashion a strainer or fruit bowl. .
Pottery - Put a Lid on It!
This course will cover various lids, knobs and handles on a variety of forms. Both thrown and hand-built vessels will be demonstrated. Experience with clay required.

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